Hill Country Window Tinting

Our History

In 1986 I had a small auto detailing business on the west side of Indianapolis. One day a regular customer came in with a new Mustang for me to apply a no wax finish. He also wanted me to get the car tinted. Since window tinting was something new to me, I did some research and found a trim shop offering that service. I asked the trim shop owner if I could watch the film being applied to the new car. As I watched I was intrigued and thought this was something I could add to my product line. It took me six months to figure it out. Back then there wasn’t You Tube or social media to help you along.

In 1989 my window film rep contacted me and asked if I was willing to install film on a commercial building. I never knew you could do this. Once I applied the film to the building, I was hooked! I was amazed on how much of a difference it made for glare control and heat rejection.

It was then I decided to change the company. I brought in my wife to help manage the company allowing me to focus on applying film to homes and commercial buildings. Business kept growing, we expanded to larger facilities. Eventually we grew to three locations within Indianapolis. We had managers at each location which allowed me to expand the business on the window film side. Our business was still 80% automotive including detailing, window tinting and auto accessories.

1997 we decided to sell the business. It sold in 1998 and the family pulled up stakes and moved to Texas. With my passion for window film still strong, I decided to start a new window film company that specialized on residential and commercial application only. That business grew exceptionally well becoming one of the top 10 window film installation companies in Texas.

2009 I felt it was time for me to sell the business and possibly leave the industry. After a short while the industry pulled me back in. I worked for an energy saving company offering many services including window film. I also did contract work for people I knew in the industry around Texas.

Working for someone was not something I was used to. The entrepreneurial bug bit me again. Hill Country Tinting was established in 2015. Our focus is commercial and residential applications. We also install on autos, boats, and RV’s. Our primary service areas are Liberty Hill, Leander, Cedar Park, Burnet, Marble Falls, Kingsland, Lampasas, Horseshoe Bay, and Spicewood.

Throughout the years I have had some great experiences with window film. I have met many famous people, been in their homes. My fingerprints are on many well-known buildings such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Circuit of the Americas, LBJ Library, LBJ Texas Whitehouse. I have applied blast mitigation film on many government buildings and anti-intrusion film on many schools.

With over 30 years in the industry I am constantly looking for more information. I am an accredited installer for many window film brands. The International Window Film Association has an accreditation program and I am a Master Installer through the IWFA.