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Hill Country Window Tinting

Located in Texas Hill Country, we service,Marble Falls, Burnet, Blanco, Llano, Lampassas, Bertram, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, Kingsland, Buchanan Dam, Leander, Cedar Park, Horseshoe Bay, Fredericksburg, and many other areas within central Texas.
Why Window Tinting?
The average driver spends over 100 minutes per day driving in the sun. Auto glass does not protect you from the damaging UV, excessive or glare and heat. You drive with sunglasses that block over 90% of the UV to protect your eyes. But without window tinting you are exposing your skin to harmful sun rays every day, let alone exposing the harmful rays to the vehicle interior. Automotive films block up to 65% of the solar energy and 99% of the UV.

40% of your residential HVAC bill is directly related to your windows. The majority of homes throughout Texas have clear single pane windows. Instead of replacing the windows, applying solar control window film is a cost effective way to reduce energy demand in the home, In 2000 Texas changed their building codes to low-e windows. These windows reduce some heat, but in most cases it is not enough for the homeowner. Unless you purchased the ultra high end windows, you are experiencing more than half of the UV filtering through. Within a year you start noticing fading of your furnishings.

If you work in an office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, or any building that faces east west or south, you are experiencing damaging rays form the sun. Complaints are being unable to see the computer monitor, one side of the building is extremely hot while the other side is cool. Products in display cases are fading and sun damaged before the products are sold.

Residential and commercial window films can reduce as much as 84% of the solar energy, 92% of the glare and 99% of the UV.

Burglary, smash and grabs is becoming a huge issue. Applying safety and security films to storefronts, office  windows, and homes helps hold the glass together in the event the glass is broken. We cannot stop someone from breaking in, but we can slow the perpetrator from entering within seconds to taking many minutes. This allows you to take appropriate action or allow enough time for authorities to arrive. In schools, it has been a proven deterrent. Instead of entering the school in less than a second, the minutes added allows the staff to take appropriate action to protect their students. For blast mitigation we are capable to achieve GSA level 2 to protect the people inside the building. The past few years there has been an uprising of protesters breaking the windows of small businesses and destroying the business. Applying security film to the store front will prevent the rioters from entering the building. 

Another deviant activity is graffiti. This is done by spray paint, etching the glass, even applying acids on the glass. Anti graffiti films are applied to the exterior glass or any smooth surface. This is a clear thick material designed to be damaged instead of the glass or stone. The damaged film is replaced at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or stone restoration. 

The Texas heat is over bearing for the HVAC system in recreational vehicles. During peak recreational time, the occupants are unable to lower the temperature enough to feel comfortable. By applying solar control window film, this allows the HVAC system  to reach more comfortable temperatures inside.

Office buildings are being built with more glass being used as walls instead of drywall. Unfortunately the tenants start to feel like they are working in a fish bowl. Decorative films  are available in frost colors, and various designs. These films allow light to pass through and still allow the privacy needed inside the office. We now have the capability of custom printing films giving us endless possibilities.
What People Say

Just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the window and door tinting.  It all turned out to be better than we ever expected.    The tinting is doing a wonderful job and the appearance from both inside and outside looks beautiful.

Thank you very much,

Kingsland, Texas